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Action Onsite provides services that are recognized by Fortune 500 companies for their effectiveness in preventing workplace injuries.

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female industrial workerBenefits of the Program

  1. Clinicians know the employees job duties, titles and departments
  2. Identification of potential ergonomic hazards
  3. Implementation of control measures on identified early symptoms
  4. Observations, assessments, consultations and coaching
  5. Immediate intervention provided for the employee
  6. Professional Qualified Clinicians
  7. Education
  8. Strengthening programs for prevention
  9. Follow-up and Follow-throughs
  10. Frequent walk throughs, heightening safety awareness
  11. Enhance communication with the employee, supervisor and management
  12. Statistical analysis and evaluation of the program with monthly graphs
  13. Guidance to healthy or injured employees on prevention methods
  14. First Aid Algorithm
  15. Customized pre-shift stretches and exercises
  16. Ergonomic team development
  17. Facilitate a decrease in workers comp claims and COST!
  18. Positive return on investment

Testimonials and Letters of Reference

Avery Dennison (Brea); Terry Malone

“Every employee that has used Ms. Lopez’ services has been extremely pleased with the results. Action Onsite takes the time to listen to our employees, has the expertise to zero in on the problem and instruct the person in exercise or stretching techniques which either ease the discomfort or prevent future discomfort for the person.”

Avery Dennison (Fontana); Sheryl Shephard

“Our Customer Service Center had been plagued by ergonomic injuries for years until we introduced the Action Onsite programs. This year they have been injury free for over two years and have won our company’s National Safety Award.”

McLane (Riverside); Richard Arzinger

“Sonia Lopez and Ty McLaughlin are great and have been instrumental in…Reducing our injury frequency rate from over 20% to 9.9%, that’s more that 50%; demonstrating initiative to serve as our business partner in addressing our injury rate and strategizing with creative solutions; developing ideas that help us formulate an environment that we care about our teammates and their health.

Frito Lay; Terence Johnson

“…They truly improved our overall performance and since we used them, we have had double digit safety improvement numbers year after year. This has not only been a change of performance but a change of our safety culture. 

“Besides being a joy to work with, Action Onsite continues to look for ways to improve our safety culture and for ways to improve our overall safety training by coming up with creative ideas and clearly communicate the benefits of their service.”

Frito Lay (Rancho Cucamonga); Constance Woodfin

“Our experience with Action Onsite has resulted in decreases in our number of injuries and lost times, and has assisted us in creating a culture of injury prevention. Action Onsite has knowledgeable, experienced therapists that assist us and provide direction to our overall safety program.  They are passionate about helping others, which goes hand in hand with our goal of showing our employees that ‘We Care’.”

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