Ergonomics in Action

Action Onsite is a Clinician-based consulting service for injury prevention and ergonomics. Our company focuses on education, identifying early signs and symptoms of the muscular skeletal system. We focus on a holistic approach in addressing the physical conditions of the aging worker, new hires and current employees.

Action Onsite’s team of Occupational/ Physical therapists and Athletic Trainers provides a solution in controlling work related injuries. Each clinician is trained and knowledgeable in providing a proactive approach in controlling and preventing injuries in the workplace.

Our program creates a culture of safety awareness where employees and management work together and promote a team environment.

Our Onsite Early Intervention Ergonomic Program has a proven record for creating a culture of safety awareness. This program provides an onsite clinician specializing in ergonomics, musculosketal injuries and first aid treatment. In addition, the program educates all team members on proper work methods, energizing the employee in customized pre-shift warm up exercises and stretches. We perform ergonomic observations and assessments providing immediate feedback to the team member and demonstrating a healthier and safer work method. Furthermore, this culture of safety awareness and proper work methods promotes a team environment where the employees and management look out for each other.

The program also allows employees to feel comfortable speaking to a third party, contracted health care provider at their work site. This unique benefit demonstrates the value of your employee’s wellbeing and safety.

A healthy employee is a productive employee

Our innovative approach promotes employee lifestyle changes, enhancing your company’s bottom line through:

  • Decrease in OSHA recordables
  • Decrease in workplace injuries
  • Decrease downtime
  • Decrease in worker’s compensation costs
  • Improved morale
  • Improved productivity

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